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Without commitment, we perfectly process your database and data entry, and value your files.

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1°) Whatever your sources (files, online data, images, audio, video etc.), powerful algorithms will extract the information according to your specifications.

2°) Then, normative proofreading and standardization by our strong team, comprising experienced data entry operatives, to provide you with quality final deliverables: transcribed texts, keyed texts, spreadsheet database or directly online.

For all your data entry, database capture and big data valuation needs, the solution is with us. Discover our area of expertise.

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Enjoy prepaid decreasing pricing.

Prepaid (pay ‘n process) : we will follow the pace at which you entrust us with the processing of your projects, without any form of contract of volume or commitment. It will be at your convinience.

Pricing according to your deadline and volume per order : manage your BPO budgets serenely in advance with our quotations with multiple degressive UPs.

In task-based formula or virtual dedicated (part-time or full-time) assistants: your project will be well conducted with the best outsourcing prices at global level.

No it's not advertising ! Our formula “extraction by AI → normative processing ↔ prepaid decreasing rate” guarantees freedom, quality, time limit and price.

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Standard Services of Umbla Processing Team

Whatever your sources, whatever your final expectations, the processing solution is with us.

offline database processing and enrichment

coupons, questionnaires, listings, survey, all data from typewritten or handwritten documents or from classical, old or technical manuscripts

online data entry

online data integration from external media, search and retrieval of online data, intra-server or server-to-server processing

audio/video transcription (fr|en|mg)

in extenso or reworked transcription from your audio or video files: interviews, conferences, meetings, dictations, translations, patents, notes, telephone and messenger surveys

sorting and optimizing photos

sorting according to your criteria, cleaning and basic aesthetic improvements: framing, brightness, contrast and color balance

clipping, segmenting, labeling images

according to your instructions, data extraction from images and videos, recognition of specific labels or figures

text processing service (kilometric, LAD, RAD, OCR, ICR)

text entry, keying, entering signs and mathematical symbols, HTML, XML, SGML, markup

Virtual dedicated staff
Back-office Internet

Umbla can provide you with several dozens of virtual dedicated tele-operatives to your project, on your platforms depending on your process, up to 10 times cheaper than recruiting.

Dedicated allocated tele-assistant(s)

remote workstation(s) and cyberworker(s) according to your instructions (routine tasks and otherwise) in dedicated hours, days or months


To offer you the best solutions at the best prices, please fill in as much detail as possible. What is your expectation? What are your sources and preferred final deliverables (fields, format)? Send us “before” and “after” sample files. What about volume, deadlines and other details ...

Umbla MG® (RC No I6A1136) is a branch of the Soas Group based in Madagascar and Mauritius with over 100 permanent employees. We have been on big data processing for more than 15 years with the most adapted human, technical, processing and pricing solutions.

We process and value your data, database and big data thanks to our network structures (international servers in mirroring, caches), our developers, a double Internet pro connection and powerful infrastructure and generators.

Head Office : 8 Bis, Cite Fraise Str. Ambohitrarahaba. Analamanga Antananarivo 261103. Madagascar.

Sales Department : sales {at} umbla-mg • com